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 In recent years, the rapid change of industrial structure caused by diversity of power supply, globalization of oil refinery and petrochemical industry, and technology revolution happening on such as shale gas and electric vehicle is waiting. For example, after the earthquake, under the circumstance the importance of consistent power supply has been reconsidered, we always continue trying to understand customers' potential needs and hoping to contribute market growth.

 We keep in mind contribution of safe and consistent operation of power plant, chemical refinery and petrochemical industry as one of our missions
Through the success of the introduction to wide range and various operating conditions such as from high vacuum to extreme high pressure and from extreme low temperature to high temperature, new material for corrosion resistance and complete standardization and quality control, we are able to supply reliable and guaranteed products.

 Our efforts in engineering and research have led to the development of unique products such as Klinport® liquid level gage, (patented in Japan and U.S.), non-breakable Klearcoat® glass (Teflon® PFA coated glass) and a level detecting mechanism (patented in Japan) for magnetic float type level indicators. These unique and reliable products have been accepted widely by domestic and overseas customers.

 We are confident of our ability to meet all customer requirements as we have developed high technological capabilities based on our wide manufacturing experience over the past thirty years.

 Your continued custom would be highly appreciated.


Takashi Seki

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