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Nihon Klingage co., Ltd. was founded.
The Company engaged in the manufacture of direct reading liquid level gages, piston valves, ball cocks, special high pressure valves etc., and the Company became a pioneer in the field of direct reading liquid level gages in Japan.
1958 Prototype of remote control liquide level gage using a special indicating fluid medium. (NKG brand name U-Hi). the manufacture and sale of this model.
1962 Magnet float type level gage (an original development of the Company, NKG brand, MG type liquid level gage). manufacture and sale of this model.
1964 Development of reflex bi-color glass (an original development of the Company, NKG brand, Bi-KC, Bi-KM). Manufacture and sale of this reflex bi-color glass liquid level gage.
1965 The Company received a patent on its bi-color gage equipment for high pressure boilers.
1966 Obtained patents in U.S. and Japan for metal-to-glass material for high pressure use (NKG brand, KLINPORT) and became the first company in the world to manufacture and sell this product. (Commenced the manufacture and sale of bi-color liquid level gages for high pressure boiler use NKG model: BN 200E.
Osaka office opened.
1968 In line with expansion of business the company built and put into operation two new plants, one at Senju and one at Soka. The latter is the main plant for the manufacture of liquid level gages.
1971 The Company developed basic technology of Mitsui Fluorochemical Company (a Du Pont licencee) and produced the world's first Teflon® coating glass (NKG brand: KLEARCOAT glass).
1980 In line with the authrization system of the legislation relating to high pressure gas liquid level gages, the Company obtained authrization as a test and manufacturing plant for high pressure gas equipment.
The Company developed magnetic float type liquid level gage position detecting equipment. Patent is pending for this equipment.
1981 The Company developed "Positional detection device" of MG (Magnetic Float) Type Level Gages, and received a patent.
1984 Manufacture and sale of Float Level Switch.
1990 The Company founded a Chinese-Jananese Joint Firm, LIAOYANG KLINGAGE (CHINA-JAPAN) LTD. in Liaoyang City in the People's republic of China.
1995 The Company got certified in ISO 9001.
The Company developed Alkali-Resistant glass (TM: Luking AR) successfully for Boiler Water Level Gauge and commenced sales.

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