In recent years, the rapid change of industrial structure has brought diversity of power supply to society, globalization to oil refinery and petrochemical industry, technology revolution such as shale 0il. On the other hand, after the natural disaster in Japan, the importance of consistent power supply has been reconsidered. NIHON KLINGAGE has been trying to understand customers’ potential needs and hoping to contribute market growth for over 60 years. We keep in mind contribution to safe and consistent operation of power plants, chemical refineries and petrochemical industries as one of our missions. All of unique innovations such as alkalin resistant glass ; LUKING-AR, Teflon® coated glass ; KLEARCOAT, sight glass glass and metal united ; KLINPORT and compact magnetic float originated from our customer’s expectation. Our experience, technology and reliability of products give us confidence to satisfy our customners. We will continuously make efforts to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

CEO  Fumi Toya