Direct Reading Liquid Level Gages

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KLINGAGE Drain Valve DV24

It is the Drain Valve of the pivot part stainless steel structure for the high temperature and the high pressure. As for the one of Wetted material carbon steel, Drain Valve body material SUSF304 much more becomes average. It is high-pressure gas authorization article compatible.

NKG Drain Valve DV24
Model of Drain Valve DV24
Drain Valve Material Body
(Wetted Material)
Carbon Steels ×
Trim SUS420J2
Stellite Facing
Gland Packing Teflon impregnated asbestos
Graphite+Non ASBESTOS/
graphite saturating stainless steel line
Teflon system
(braided CoilPacking, V-packing)
Carbon fiber+graphite
Size 1/2"
3/4" ×
1" -
2" -
  • ◎: Standard
  • ○: Optional(available)
  • ×: Not available(or can be manufactured on request)
  • -: Not available