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Teflon® (PFA) Coat Glass – KLEARCOAT Glass
It pickled KLEARCOAT glass into the Snuff oil.

KLEARCOAT – Teflon® PFA Coat Glass

KLEARCOAT Glass is the glass coated with Teflon® PFA film and is used for adoptable to glass gages and sight glasses. Benefits : Resistance to chemical reaction and corrosion Teflon® PFA film and our unique coating technology provides excelent resistance against chemical reaction and corrosion.

Clear vision
Teflon® PFA Less adhiesiveness of Teflon® and transperency kept by our unique coating technology provides clear vision of sticky liquid level.
Superior non-sticking property
The surface coated with TEFLON® PFA film repels water, oil and almost all sticky substances. If such a substance should stick to it, it can be easily washed off.
Resistance to high temperature
KLEARCOAT GLASS is applicable to the fluid at maximum 170℃.
Teflon&req; PFA coat prevents glass from breaking into pieces.

NIHON KLINGAGE provides vaious shape of KLEARCOAT glasses for Direct Reading Liquid Level Gage, Sight Glass and other applications.