Magnetic Level Gages


MGB100 series (for low boil point fluid )

In the open air, the level of low boil point fluid such as LPG flucuates rapidly with float and the indicator become not to follow the change of the level.
The unique double tube structure of MGB100 series are able to minimize the rapid fluctuation of fluid level and enable to see the level.

Standard Specification

Column size 2-1/2B
Column schedule Sch 10s、Sch 40
Flange Rating 10K、20K、150Lb、300Lb
Materials SUS304、SUS304L、SUS316、SUS316L
Indicator Rotor magnet
Pressure Rating at 38℃ 4.9MPa
Temperature Range 370℃
Specific Gravity Range 0.35 and up
Viscosity Rage up to 0.15PaS
Pipe Model Code