Level Switches

Top-Mount Type(LS-E)


No. Item 1 2(PVC)
1 Specific gravity 0.6 More than ————-
2 Viscosity 0.3Pa.S ————-
3 Temperature
(liquid temperature)
-10℃~+150℃ -10℃~+60℃
4 Normal
operation pressure
1.0MPa 0.2MPa
5 Pressure Normal operation pressure × 1.5 ————-
6 Structure

Waterproof sealed

7 Conduit service entrance G1/2(PF1/2×2) ————-
8 Switch format Reed switch
SPST×Up to 3 points
9 Contact
AC140V 12VA
DC200V 10W
10 Switch
Rising ON or OFF
Descending ON or OFF
11 Instrument
Remove ligatures
Instrument interface

3BFlange More than

※1.By adjusting the position of the Reed switch inside the pipe the alarm point can be changed freely.
※ 2.Alarm point up is possible up to 5 points.
  Format Working pressure Switch type Alarm point Heat radiation fin Guide Chamber Structure
LS- B Ball float 0.1~0.5MPa Reed switch 1 Point Yes or No 0~4 Waterproof sealed
E Magnet Float