Magnetic Level Gages

Type MGB (Double tube type)
Gage with
Level Detector

Level Detector


Level Detector is attached together with indicator on the colum of magnetic level gage to measure liquid level.It converts the liquid level into DC4~20mA digital signal which enables to monitor and control the level gage from different place.

The combination with level monitoring system(NR-3000B) enables to check liquid volume and weight. Alarming is possible.

Magnetostrictive Liquid-Level Sensors are also available.


Number of magnetic assemblies are installed at the same intervals manner according to the range of level monitoring. The movement of the float switches the magnetic assemblies so that voltage output is proportional to the liquid level.
The ouput is converted DC4~20mA signal by R/1 converter.

Standard Specification

Source DC24,AC100V
Output DC4~20mA
Maximum Resistrance ≦ 700Ω
Adjustable Range 0~10%
Tran.Accuracy ≦ ±2% F.S.
Mesureble Range ~5000m/m
Structure Explosion Proof : ExdⅡCT6, Water Proof : JISC0920

Certificate NIHON KLINGAGE Level Detector has ExdⅡCT6 approved by International Electronics standard Conference (IEC) and is one of the most accurate device in the market.,
About Explosion Proof Symbol