Direct Reading Liquid Level Gages

Reflex Liquid Level Gages
Model R40

Reflex Type

PRINCIPLE Prismatic serations of the whole visual area on the the liquid contact surface of reflex glass gives a prism effect. The reflex prisms are molded and polished to provide a crisp black silver bi-color indication of the fluid level. When light passes into reflex glass, if there is fluid present the light continues through the glass an impacts the back of the level gage, provided a black color for fluid level regardless of the actual color properties of the process fluid. If fluid is not present, the light is reflected back towards the user providing a shiny silver. Reflex types are not suitable for alkaline liquid because mica plate cannot be attached on the surface of prasmatic serations. *NIHON KLINGAGE has developed Alkline resistant glass named LUKING-AR refering to Glass Products page.


  • Less expensive than Transperent Type
  • Lower cost of maintenance than Transparent Type
  • Easier to obserev the level of clear liquid than Transperent Type
  • NIHON KLINGAGE is able to offer Reflex Type for the highest pressure and temperarture application in the world
  • For emergency, upper and lower Check Ball Valve are standardized
  • Various material choices : Carbon steel (S25C、A105), stainless steel (SUS304、SUS316、SUS304L、SUS316L), Titanium, Monel, Hastelloy and various resin linings
  • Various options : Ultraviolet cut plate, Light-shielding chamber, Thermal jacket, Non- frosting window for the low temperature and Large diameter chamber for high viscosity fluid and Scales
  • Various glass options : Teflon (PFA) Coated Glass – KLEARCOATR Glass, V-notched Color Glass ( Bi-KC glass )
  • Installation support is available.
  • NIHON KLINGAGE is ready to design Reflex Type Level Gages according to customer’s requirement
KLINGAGE Zigzag Liquid Level Gages
RS40W-WA16B-21 type

Zigzag Liquid Level Gages

Alternate arrangement of gages in double lines enables to observe continuous liquid level over the whole visible range.
These gages are used for such as storage tank of LPG.

Carbon steel (S25C、A105), stainless steel (SUS304、SUS316、SUS304L、SUS316L), Titanium, Monel, Hastelloy and various Resin linings are available.