KLINPORT-Sight Glass


KLINPORT invented by NIHON KLINGAGE is a sight glass that glass and metal got united and became to have excellent airtightness by fusion bonding. Because the heart expansion rate of glass is different from metal, the glass become extremely strong agaist phsical damage.


It is best as the sight glass to use in the environment which the high-pressure condition is severe on in the marvelous strength. The equipment main unit, and the straight or it is possible to connect with the taper screw. Therefore, the installation and the removal are simple and the maintenance is easy. Glass and the Metallic Ring fusion directly and it secures safe seal-ability. It is safe because the fragment doesn’t scatter even if glass damages.

Type AX-2

No Leakage
No No sealing material between glass and metal
Easy Maintenance
Easy installation and replacement
* Strong against phsical impact and vabration.
* Glass do not become fragment and scatter even if got phiscal damag.


Features Model Adaptation Call by name Material
Standard type Type KPT Atmospheric pressure~2MPa -1Q
Carbon steel and Stainless steel
Type KPS Vacuum~2MPa
Type KPF Vacuum~2MPa -1Q
Type AX※2 Atmospheric pressure~2MPa
Type KPL Vacuum~2MPa
High pressure type Type KPT-C ~17.3MPa -1Q
Type KPS-C ~6.9MPa
Ultra High pressure type Type KP-308 ~49MPa φ45×xH Stainless steel
Type KP-32 15.7MPa/345.7℃ φ45×17H Fe-Ni-Co
High pressure and High tempreature type Type KP-34 21.6MPa/.372.1℃ φ52×22H
  • ※1:Nominal diameter -1Q(1-1/4”) / -2(2”) / -3(3”) / -4(4”)
  • ※2:2 types are available. -1Q(1-1/4”) / -2(2”)

Please contact us if Weld-on type is needed.