Direct Reading Liquid Level Gages

Transparent Liquid Level Gages
Model T30

Transparent Type

PRINCIPLE Flat tempered glass is mounted on each side of the liquid chamber and held between gage covers. Liquid level, boundary level and liquid color are observed by the differece of transmission of light emitted from the illuminator behind.


  • Applicable for almost all liquid including Alkaline solution
  • Suitable to observe boundary suraface
  • Suitable to observe the color of the liquid
  • NIHON KLINGAGE is able to offer Reflex Type for the highest pressure and temperarture application in the world.
  • For emergency, upper and lower Check Ball Valve are standardized.
  • Various material choices : Carbon steel (S25C、A105), stainless steel (SUS304、SUS316、SUS304L、SUS316L), Titanium, Monel, Hastelloy and various resin linings
  • Various options : Ultraviolet cut plate, Light-shielding chamber, Thermal jacket, Non- frosting window for the low temperature liquid, Large diameter chamber for high viscosity fluid, illuminators ( Explosion-proof ) and Scales
  • Various glass options : Teflon (PFA) Coated Glass – KLEARCOATR Glass, V-notched Color Glass ( Bi-KC glass )
  • Installation support is available.
  • NIHON KLINGAGE is ready to design Transperent Type Level Gages according to customer’s requirement.
Zigzag Liquid Level Gages
Model RS40W-WA16B-21

Zigzag Liquid Level Gages

Alternate arrangement of gages in double lines enables to observe continuous liquid level over the whole visible range.

These gages are used for such as storage tank of LPG.

Carbon steel (S25C、A105), stainless steel (SUS304、SUS316、SUS304L、SUS316L), Titanium, Monel, Hastelloy and various Resin linings are available.