KLINPORT-Sight Glass

Cross Type Sight Glass

Cross type sight glass in which KLINPORT is installed is designed especially for high temperature and high pressure application. Since KLINPORT is sealed on the metallic part and the glass part doesn’t touch the body directly, safety and maintainability is dramatically improved. Metal gasket is adaptable to improve the airtightness under high temperature and high pressure condition. NIHON KLINGAGE is capable of designing sight glasses according to customers’ requirement.

Cross Type Sight Glass KLINPORT Type KPF is inside
No. Name of Part
1 Flange
2 Pipe
3 Pipe
4 Flange
5 Flange
6 Bolt
7 Nut
9 Gasket
10 Gasket

Standard Type – Demension

Size L H≒ W Ratings KLINPORT
25A 180 145 25 2.0MPa(20kgf/cm2) KPF-1Q
50A 220 205 40 2.0MPa(20kgf/cm2) KPF-2
80A 260 250 70 2.0MPa(20kgf/cm2) KPF-3
100A 280 295 90 2.0MPa(20kgf/cm2) KPF-4

KLINPORT external screw connection

Since Type AXType KPTType KPT-C、have external screw connection to join pipe connections

Type KPT-2
Type KPT-1Q