KLINGAGE Glass for Liquid Level Gauge (Water Level Gages:JIS B8211)

Reflex glass
Five 90°prismatic serations are cut into the liquid contact surface of tempered reflex glass to give a prism effect over the whole visual area.Incident light is passed through glass at the liquid phase and is reflected back to the observed as an interface between the dark liquid phase and the bright gaseous phase.
It turns when watching only over the liquid rank. It isn’t suitable for the watch of the phase boundary, the watch of the liquid color and so on.
V-notched Color Glass(Bi-KCglass)
LUKING Bi-KM and Bi-KC, developed by Nihon Klingage, are gage glasses which are V-notched and painted red. (Other colors available.) Such gage glasses enable observation at a distance from the gage because the color of the fluid is reflected through the liquid phase and red coloring on the side is reflected through the gaseous phase. V-notched color glasses are widely used for observation of colorless lilquids in transparent gages.
Transparent Glass
One sheet of flat tempered glass is mounted on each side of the liquid chamber and held between gage covers. The liquid level, interface level and liquid color can be observed by differential transmission of light emitted from the illuminator behind the gage.
Transparent liquid level gages are applicable to almost all liquids, especially for observation of interface between two liquids, observation of liquid color, and liquids and steam which require corrosion protection by shielding with mica or fluorocarbon resin.

Glass sizes

Standard for the Liquid Level
Glass Sizes(mm)
#1 115 34 17 90
#2 140 34 17 115
#3 165 34 17 140
#4 190 34 17 165
#S4 200 34 17 175
#5 220 34 17 195
#6 250 34 17 225
#7 280 34 17 255
#S7 300 34 17 275
#8 320 34 17 295
#9 340 34 17 315
#10 400 34 17 375
Reflective glass
Transparent glass